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Travel with Lucine in wonderful places!
"The corridor narrowed and made a sharp turn to a few meters from the entrance. Beyond the turn Lucine found a large stone that was blocking the way.

 It was several days that she has been walking between those narrow tunnels. Lucine knew she could not rest; Timothy was somewhere out there and she knew she had to find him.

After a quick inspection of the rock forward, Lucine went towards the smaller tunnel to cross on all fours, on the back of the cave. She noticed the scratches on the wall and beside a rag teddy bear. It took a couple of seconds to recognize it: it was Timothy. The heart of Lucine was filled with hope ....

Now she knew she was close .... "

A mystery to reveal!

One day Timothy, Lucine's brother, disappears without
leave no trace.
Many years have passed and nobody knows anything about him.
The family decides to move.
Too many bad memories in that country house,
but Lucine does not want to give up hope.
She knows that her brother is still alive somewhere, and she is
determined to find him before the move.

What secret hides that old house?
And where is Timothy now?


Lucine is a story about the love of two brothers that will lead them in incredible adventures.  Lucine is the sister everyone would like to have .....
More than 50 locations can be entirely visited, more than 60 interactive objects to solve the innumerable puzzles, dozens of characters to talk to and an engaging plot.

Lucine allows you to look at everything in a different way. Explore cities and places never seen before.

Meet the several characters that will help you throughout your adventure. Try to discover the secrets of the people of Slaine.

Lucine will lead you to use your brain to solve several puzzles that Lucine will face to find her brother.

The Lucine's world!


  • Play an amazing adventure where you must use your brain as well as have the courage to make certain choices to continue.
  • But do not be discouraged if everything seems lost. In Lucine there is always a way to solve the problem!
  • Platform PC
  • Lucine is nearing completion!